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9h x 12w
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Because that’s exactly what it is – tactical, targeted, brutal, warfare. Military conflict, human development and habitat loss, demand for body-parts, pets and bush meat are pushing these gentle giants to the very brink of extinction. Their enormous strength would allow a gorilla to tear a human limb from limb if they so chose yet they are powerless against the bullets and snares of man.

Here a small family forages restfully through their mountainous habitat, but someone has silently penetrated their sanctuary. Their inquisitive nature is not always a benefit. The young male reaches for this strange, round thing. How can he help it? It’s in his nature. He is inches away from certain and torturous death.

Without fanfare, his mother reaches out to take hold of his foot. She holds him back, instinctively sensing the danger. The big silverback looks on – helpless to save his kind from the relentless onslaught of poachers, traffickers and bulldozers.

Despite their perilous existence, a newborn lies in her mother’s arms, reaching out to touch her father – oblivious to the threat under which they live on a daily basis.

Bronze on Walnut Base (Raising awareness of Africa’s rapidly dwindling gorilla populations)

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Cochrane, Alberta