10h x 7w
Price: $1600
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Imvubu is the word for “hippos” in Zulu and some other Southern African languages. It is onomatopoeic. Try saying IMVUBU in the deepest, growliest voice you can. See if you can’t hear a hippo grunting in a pool somewhere along the Zambezi River as the sun dips below the horizon.

A hippo opens it’s mouth as a warning to anything that threatens them. These two are beyond display. They are engaged in a battle for territory and cows. Their massive tusks, as sharp as knife-edges are formidable weapons. A fight will often end with one or both bulls succumbing to their injuries.

The dusty brownish greenish patina is achieved by using ferric acid in the expert hands of Jack Muir, owner of the foundry - Kalispell Art Casting. It gives these two bulls the rugged "well worn" feel that they have in real life. The marks are made by their teeth during battles for territory or dominance


Cochrane, Alberta