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Baked Beans and Mashed Potatoes

12h x 24w x 2d
Price: $450
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In January of 2017 I visited my father. He’s sadly, slowly disappearing into dementia. The conversation drifted to my awareness that the pond hockey tournament in Plaster Rock, New Brunswick was becoming quite a huge deal. My father who was born in Plaster Rock, looked at me sort of confused and said, “Big deal! My brother and I played hockey on that frozen water a thousand years ago with frozen cans.”

Obviously curious, I asked my father what he meant. “We would crush baked bean cans, fill and freeze them with water and make hockey pucks! We made hockey sticks with willow branches and electrical tape too! Playing hockey was everything and we had no money.”

Apparently, the cans were plentiful. All his father wanted to eat was baked beans, mashed potatoes and deer steak after a long day of being the foreman of the local saw mill.

As my father disappears, I paint. This canvas represents this memory and truth: the Canuck’s ability to make what they need with the resources they have; the Can do attitude.

This low relief, cardboard collage, is sculpted with many layers of gesso, then painted in high grade acrylics. The paint is applied in layers. Each layer is then distressed. The work is done on a high grade, gallery style canvas and is lacquered in high gloss, premium, acrylic varnish. The sides are painted a dark, walnut brown and similarly varnished.

This work is signed on the front.

It will be shipped in a box after being wrapped. It will be insured.

This canvas comes complete with hanging hardware and a certificate of it’s authenticity.

If a companion piece is needed or wanted, I am willing to work with you.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Website: http://www.iandanac.com

Hamilton, Ontario
Canada, L8R 3K2

Phone Number: (289) 680-5579