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Betty's Award Winning Meatloaf

12h x 24w x 2d
Price: $600
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Currently on view at pixie Blue studios, Mississauga, ON December 2017 - January 2018.

I loved my Aunt Betty! She gave me nine cousins to play with! She was a sturdy looking woman with a pot belly, (I used to think she was yet again - pregnant), a bee hive hairdo and sparkling cat rimmed glasses. Her meatloaf was the center attraction at her annual Canada Day corn boil. Many maritime Canucks coat their meatloaves with ketchup. Aunt Betty did. My mom did too. Betty’s meatloaf though was an award winner. Ummm, my mom's was more like a red hockey puck.

Three picnic tables long was the spread at her corn boils! Her husband, my uncle Tommy made for Betty a huge bird feeder that looked like a totem pole. I remember how the shadow the totem cast over the spread of food.

This painting is based on that memory: baked ketchup and the shadow of a totem pole.

This painting has many meanings beyond my memories. Using one colour I hope to show the many directions Canada is going. I follow politics: down East, out West, up North and down South.

This low relief, cardboard collage, is sculpted with many layers of gesso, then painted in high grade acrylics. The paint is applied in many layers. Each layer is then distressed. The work is done on a high grade, gallery style canvas and is lacquered in high gloss, premium, acrylic varnish. The sides are painted a dark, burnt red and similarly varnished.

This work is signed on the front.

It will be shipped in a box after being wrapped. It will be insured.

This canvas comes complete with hanging hardware and a certificate of it’s authenticity.

If a companion piece is needed or wanted, I am willing to work with you.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Website: http://www.iandanac.com

Hamilton, Ontario
Canada, L8R 3K2

Phone Number: (289) 680-5579