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Wild Strawberries and Coffee

36h x 72w x 2d
Price: $6000
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This large painting was inspired by my summers spent with my mother’s mother. My grandmother’s farm in rural New Brunswick situated on a hill overlooking the Tobique river was a beautiful place. Fields of daisies and black eyed susans, wild blueberries and wild strawberries contrasted the water and maple trees.

Berries were picked and baked into pies my grandmother would sell to restaurants and roadside. Guests were always served pie and coffee. Her love of the real and wild, the handmade, the unique, became my love too. I value the convenience of grocery store strawberries but not half as much as I value the taste of wild REAL strawberries.

This painting represents the direction my muse is leading my work: large wooden panels, intricate collages and bold, natural colours and reclaiming cardboard and returning it to wooden textures and weathered beauty.

This low relief, cardboard, (strawberry packing crates), collage, is sculpted with several layers of gesso, then painted in high grade acrylics. The paint is applied in layers. Each layer is then distressed. The work is done on a high grade, gallery style birch panel and is lacquered in high gloss, premium, acrylic varnish. The sides are painted a chocolate brown and similarly varnished.

This work is signed on the front.

It will be shipped in a wooden crate after being wrapped and secured. It will be insured.

This panel comes complete with hanging hardware, instructions and a certificate of it’s authenticity.

If a companion piece is needed or wanted, I am willing to work with you.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Website: www.iandanac.com

Hamilton, Ontario
Canada, L8R 3K2

Phone Number: (289) 680-5579