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Antlers in Bloom

10h x 8w
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Marcy’s Antlers

Marcy the bear

Sat pondering one day

As she watched from afar

As the animals played.

“The top of my head

Is really quite plain…

I haven’t a hat,

Nor some hair, nor a mane.

Why shouldn’t a bear

Have antlers too?

The moose, deer, and elk,

Why all of them do!”


She found two lovely branches

And tied them on tight

To the top of her head

With all of her might.

Then finding a spot

In the warm springtime sun,

She sat as the birds

Said hello one by one.


Yes Marcy the bear

Was quite pleased that day,

With her tall wooden antlers

Where the birds came to play.


By: Jennifer Stables


© Jennifer Stables, 2016. All rights reserved


Okotoks, Alberta
Canada, T1S 0M1

Phone Number: (403) 618-0480