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Amsterdam Rush Hour

30h x 48w
Private Collection
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Limited edition prints on canvas available.
Cool, early June morning in the Old Centre of Amsterdam. Dawn brings a gentle slow start to the day.  The first cyclist going about his morning tasks is the mail man. Early risers hit the road intent on getting to wherever on time.  Day care drop offs for more than one child require some resourcefulness and exceptional cycling skills.  All forms of bicycle traffic increase by the minute until there is a significant rush hour from 8 to 9 am.  Just the odd car on the road. Pedestrians need to be careful, stay clear, or simply stay off the streets until after 9 am.

Amsterdam is synonymous with bikes. The Dutch are very innovative – transporting two to three children, books, parcels, musical instruments, etc., on two wheel bikes.  No high performance bikes to be seen, just the utilitarian basics.  

Early evening the day’s second rush hour begins.  Within minutes of clocks striking five, the rushing flood of bikes fills the paths along the canals.

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