Maureen D Janssens The Livingstone In Colour

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The Livingstone In Colour

11h x 14w
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The view looks southwest across the crest of the Livingstone Range, a serrated knife-edge flyway for the world's greatest concentration of golden eagles—more than 5,000 have been counted here during a single autumn migration. The Piikani know this landscape as Piitaistakis, Place of the Eagles. It's home to rare rough fescue grasslands, endangered limber pines and whitebark pines. These species serve as a floral frame for a stunning array of wildlife species, including threatened pure-strain westslope cutthroat trout and grizzly bears as well as herds of bighorn sheep, elk, mountain goats and an astonishing number of moose


Nanton, Alberta
Canada, T0L 1R0

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