Paul John Elliott Anatomy 1

Anatomy 1

29h x 21w
Coloured Pencil
Price: $1800
Not Framed
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This series - ‘Drawing The Line’ - is the culmination of colliding forces. At the apex was the decision that there would be no such thing as a mistake. No erasers. No do-overs.

The other influencing force was my fascination with anatomy; the shifting intersection between our moving architecture and the anatomical structures that I work with daily as a manual therapist.

The layers that constitute each piece is an attempt to measure and articulate the massive events that must transpire in a split second for a person to achieve movement. Words would only get in the way of any potential explanation.

This series utilizes Prismacolour premiere pencils, experimenting with different paper qualities and sizes such as Ingres and Canson, Hahnemüle and Fabriano.

It is a liberating experience to be in a constant state of play as I worked on this series – not working ‘without mistakes’, but living with them.


Montréal, Quebec
Canada, H4C 1S6

Phone Number: (514) 792-5595