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Honey, We'Re Rich!

14h x 13w
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Reg had great fun sculpting the funny details of this piece. With many smiles and laughs, he wrote this heart warming poem...

Along the banks of Wild Horse Creek

Prospectors came, the gold to seek

Some came proud but most left meek

And very few left rich

Hilda was Elmer’s only friend

Upon each other, they did depend

He scarcely made enough to spend

On cans of pork and beans

This day, along the rocky shore

A place not panned by those before

He struck the mother lode for sure

And cried, “Honey,We’re Rich!”

Love is found in the strangest places

Trust as well in many faces

Sad are we if gold replaces

The values of the heart

-Reg Parsons


Cranbrook, British Columbia
Canada, V1C 1S7

Phone Number: (250) 426-7119