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Northern Affairs

12h x 25w
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When asked what inspired Reg to sculpt a 'couple of moose, he answered,"Many years ago a friend gave me a record book set of moose antlers from the Yukon. After years of seeing them, the desire was triggered to sculpt a Bull for a bronze. Once I began molding the clay and saw them coming to life in my hands, I realized what an incredible animal the moose actually is, in fact I am in awe of the beautiful cow moose and the magnificent bull."

His poem describes it well..

Like ice on fire, they waltz across the northern skies

Florescent glows that ride the frost

They kiss the golden leaves and moss

On autumn nights when giants cross

The meadows and the muskeg swamps in search of loving eyes

Each day he sang his song of love and one September night

Weaving through the moonlit shadows

Cast across the distant meadows

Her voice came to him soft and mellow

The time at last to show his ivory paddles polished bright

Who gives account for life in places no one seems to care?

Who invites the sky to dance?

And sets the stage for wild romance?

While all of this seems left to chance

It falls under the ministry I’ve called, “Northern Affairs”

Reg Parsons


Cranbrook, British Columbia
Canada, V1C 1S7

Phone Number: (250) 426-7119