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Ad Infinitum

16h x 20w
Coloured Pencil
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ad infinitum

What is the color of the Universe?

In 2001, some physicists put their heads together and asked … what is the color of the Universe?

They meant what color would an observer see, “if they had the Universe in a box, and could see all the light at once.” “And,” they added, as if that question was too simple, “it wasn't moving.”

They added this bit because of the Doppler effect. Stars that are receding from Earth are red-shifted … they appear redder than if they weren’t moving, relative to us.

They came to the conclusion that the universe is probably a very pale shade of beige.

Talk about disappointing.

What a letdown.

It turns out that if all the stars and all the planets in all the galaxies were before you in a terrifying, brilliant, impossible box, the color you would see (while no doubt experiencing a transcendent feeling of oneness) is the most boring color in the world.

Can you imagine the conversation amongst these scientists.

“It looks like beige,I don't know what else to call it. Let’s create a spreadsheet."

They eventually settled on “Cosmic Latte”.

The list initially included such tough contenders as …Primordial Clam Chowder, Univeige, Cappuccino Cosmico, Skyvory, and Big Bang Buff. To their credit, these would all look great on a paint chip. But, call it what you want, beige is boring.

Thank heavens, my universe includes many colours.

ad infinitum was drawn with Prismacolor pencils on Illustration board.

Midland, Ontario
Canada, L4R 4L3

Phone Number: (705) 534-3079