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Blue Thunder

16h x 20w
Coloured Pencil
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Blue Thunder

There is something primitive and timeless about waves.

No two waves have ever been exactly the same.

And each unique creation of wind and water will find its own way to hit our shore, one every second in time into eternity.

And it is this relentless nature of the sea that appeals to me as a subject.

But there are waves … and then there are super waves.

Rogue waves are an exception to our typical experience at the beach.

They occur offshore.

They are unpredictable and are every captain’s nightmare.

They can tower over one hundred feet or more, and can collapse and disappear as quickly as they spring out of the ocean.

That is what I call nature asserting her presence and power over man.

The intent of Blue Thunder was to capture this sense of man’s insignificance in the big scheme of things.

I want to capture the fury and power of the sea … from the glassy wall of water to the plume of spray … this is nature in motion.

This wave is like a freight train careening out of control and I can hear (in my active imagination) the roar of water as it breaks away from the crest and plunges into the trough.

Heaven help anyone caught in the path of this wave, because the maw of this monster looks like it takes no prisoners, and has no mercy.

Blue Thunder was drawn with Prismacolor colour pencils on Strathmore Bristol Vellum.

Midland, Ontario
Canada, L4R 4L3

Phone Number: (705) 534-3079