Aboriginal Artist Josh Kolay

Aboriginal Artist Josh Kolay

Aboriginal Artist Josh Kolay - Teepees in Winter Night

Josh Kolay – Welcome to Art In Canada

Aboriginal artist Josh Kolay brings his deep historical and cultural relationship with nature and the land to life in his art work.

Art in Canada is pleased to announce he has recently joined our website. We are proud to show his art in our online gallery.

Josh is knowledgeable in the history and customs of his people and of the vast region of his Traditional Lands. He uses this understanding to depict the special inter-relatedness of man and the natural world in his art. Josh turns to the myths, legends and stories of his people as sources for his images.

Josh Kolay is a member of the Dene Tha` First Nation in Northwestern Alberta. He first found his love and ability to sketch when he was a child. He would take coal from the camp fires to create images of cabins and wildlife on cardboard boxes brought home from the Hudson`s Bay store by his grandparents.

His love for art led to his attending art training at University of Calgary.

For over 40 years, Josh Kolay has been influenced by the art works he has studied from different Aboriginal and other Canadian artists. Welcome to Art In Canada Josh!

Please view some of Josh’s artwork here. https://www.artincanada.com/artists/josh-kolay/