Lynda Baxter

Lynda Baxter Founder & Principal – Art In Canada Inc.


Lynda Baxter – Art In Canada Inc.

“If you want something, do something to make it happen.”
~Lynda Baxter, Founder and Principal, Art In Canada Inc.

Building a ranch from a bare quarter, with her husband in Southern Alberta, Lynda Baxter loves her horses, loves artists, and invests in her passions.

Her reason for creating the Art In Canada website, is to help you invest in yours. An accomplished Art Business and Internet Consultant, Baxter has helped develop artists websites and art marketing strategies for an extensive array of artists and industries.

Lynda Baxter began her work in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing) in 1998, as a founding partner of a successful Calgary dot-com. There she served as Project Manager; developing SEO marketing strategies, performing in depth research and analysis, and writing website content, during a time when SEO marketing was still in its infancy. Lynda learned the basics and grew through trial and error in the ever evolving world of the Internet. With her strong Art World background, Lynda felt her Internet marketing savvy could greatly benefit artists by helping them promote their work online.

In those days, artists were hesitant to showcase their work on the Internet for fear that established galleries would see this form of online exposure as competitive, untrustworthy and create a loss of control of the artist’s brand and how it was being presented to potential collectors. Some artists also feared that if they shared their work online, their ideas and digital copies of work could be stolen and reproduced. For years Lynda met with artists at shows like the Calgary Stampede Western Art Salon, expressing her determination to help. Looking to the future potential of the Internet as a global marketing tool for Art and Artists, Lynda developed Art In Canada in 1999. Her goal has always been to help artists market themselves and their work online, and in many cases independently of bricks and mortar art galleries.

Lynda is in the art industry to help artists, and to ensure they have low overhead and self-managed options, when it comes to marketing their work. Lynda has never accepted commission for any artwork sales as a result of being on Art In Canada, and to this day has never taken any commission from the artists she has worked with over the years.

Today, Art In Canada is one of the top-ranking online artist websites — a direct result of Lynda’s SEO Marketing efforts. To date, Lynda has worked with over 300 artists, helping them to succeed.