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Heather Crocker

British Columbia Artist Heather Crocker
British Columbia Artist Heather Crocker


How to define oneself?

It is as mysterious as the images that one creates. It is always evolving, maturing or regressing, depending on the given day.

Image making'art, is only limited by the imagination. A gift unasked for, but for as long as I can remember art has always been a persistent force in my life. From the hallways of my earliest memories, (To the dismay of my mother, as it was her job to wash away the evidence of my budding creativity, thus forcing me to take measures and crayon to the interiors of the many closets in my childhood homes.) to what now in my middle ages is a quest to recapture the intensity of the innocent portrayal, the bridge between thought an substance.

Each piece stands on it's own merit, with no preliminary sketches or preconceived ideal of its outcome. As it springs forth it determines its medium. I struggle too, for honesty and try to avoid anything that could be considered contrived or manipulated.

I have had the honour of studying beneath wonderful professors at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford B.C. over a number of years. Each one contributing to my confidence and abilities, I owe a great deal to these people, as well as family and friends for their love and support and most of all their understanding. An artist is not the easiest creature to live with.

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Cherry Picker - By Canadian Artist Heather Crocker
Johnny is Deep - By Canadian Artist Heather Crocker
Mardigras - By Canadian Artist Heather Crocker
Lament - By Canadian Artist Heather Crocker
Death of Innocence - By Canadian Artist Heather Crocker
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Heather Crocker Art Studio
Mission, British Columbia
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