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Judy Blake

Canadian Artist Judy Blake
Canadian Artist
Judy Blake

From her home, nestled in the quiet, picturesque mountains of southwest British Columbia, Canada, Judy Blake pursues her passion for art. In that peaceful atmosphere, so close to nature and nature's creations, Judy finds inspiration for her artistic creations.

Born and raised in Washington State, Judy immigrated to British Columbia in her early 20's. After raising two sons, and working full-time for many years, Judy recently returned to her early love of art.

Art in many forms has woven itself into the tapestry of Judy's life, specifically in the areas of singing and painting. Several years of vocal performances have enhanced Judy's flair for the dramatic as well as perfecting her skill at communicating ideas and emotions.

Judy has recently discovered that the intricate detail in scratchboard art appeals to her, as well as the rich colour of acrylic. Hence, scratchboard and acrylic art are the mediums through which Judy now chooses to exhibit her love of western and wildlife themes. A self-taught artist in scratchboard art and acrylics, Judy finds that the "western" way of life appeals to her artistan's thirst for capturing in scratchboard art and acrylic a sense of hard work and fierce determination. The dramatist in Judy finds fulfillment in the starkness and simplicity of scratchboard and acrylic paintings; a medium which vividly portrays the intensity in wildlife, and the inherent adventure in western motifs. Whether it be the challenge of capturing the wild expression in a cougar's eyes, or the loving gaze of a beloved pet; or revealing the pride in the face of a cowboy, Judy finds joy and fulfillment in bringing these emotions to life.

Judy looks forward to many years of artistic success, but for this talented gal from the pacific northwest, it's all about creating an image and a feeling, and communicating it to others for their enrichment and enjoyment.

Scratchboard Art

Hold On - By Scratchboard Artist Judy Blake Scratchboard Art....This art medium is done on either paper or masonite board (I use the board) which is covered with a thin coating of white clay and then covered with india ink. To create my picture I use a variety of tools. For example. a sharp needle like tool to etch the many hundreds and hundreds of scratches necessary to create the fur on an animal.

Strength - By Scratchboard Artist Judy Blake
Contemplating - By Scratchboard Artist Judy Blake
Intent - By Scratchboard Artist Judy Blake
Grazing - By Scratchboard Artist Judy Blake
Staredown - By Scratchboard Artist Judy Blake
Menacing - By Scratchboard Artist Judy Blake
Pumpkin - By Scratchboard Artist Judy Blake
Gentle Giant - By Scratchboard Artist Judy Blake
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Judy Blake Art
Grande Prairie, Alberta


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