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Heather Dawn Kemp is an Alberta artist with a passion to create through a variety of mediums including oil painting, mixed media, sculpture, invented materials. She majored in Ceramics and received her Diploma in Visual Art with Distinction from Alberta College of Art and Design in 1996.

Heather Dawn is a self taught painter and has had a passion for painting since the 1960's; it wasn't until 2014 that she returned to painting full time. She uses live models, still life, plein air (in the open air) or she’ll create a scene / still life and paint from that or from her subsequent reference photos.

Heather Dawn’s work often depicts themes about everyday life, love, healing, compassion, connection, birthing, emotion, fragility, growth and more. The ideas behind her work often has a spiritual connection which speaks of the sacredness of life.

“My subjects are my own experiences which, I have come to realize, are layered, and connected to everything else in this universe.”