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Born and raised in Prince Albert, Sask. I am fascinated with the complexities of people, awed by nature, and very aware of the energies of my inner and outer experiences.  That is what I speak about with my art; reflections of a rich myriad of moments.  I enjoy playing with a variety of mediums, including oil, watercolor, photography, digital art and stained glass.  I often combine my art and social/psychology backgrounds to offer workshops in creativity, skills, and art for inner healing.  Creating art since childhood, my pieces are distributed to individuals and companies spanning North America and Europe.  I have been an active member of Prince Albert’s Kyla Art Group, CARFAC, and have much involvement with the Prince Albert Arts Centre and the Mann Art Gallery.  I am also a writer/poet/photographer and self-employed as a holistic mental health therapist.

Throughout my artistic career, Impressionism has always influenced my approach.  Its rapid execution, expression and qualities of light weaves through each exploration I have taken through a variety of mediums. I learned to paint rapidly and decisively while depicting singular moments in my social, natural or inner environments.  I moved from oil to watercolor to acrylic to support my transition to working more quickly.

In the last few years my approach has taken a much different track.  I started to experiment with mixing the new fluid acrylics with large amounts of fluid gloss varnish, applying premixed pigment with a glass dropper, rather than a brush.  An avid photographer and digital artist, some of my pieces hold inlaid sections of photographs or are based on one of my digitally altered photos. Repeated applications of dropped paint over sometimes minute areas produces a very unique texture – highly touchable and durable, catching variances of light in changing patterns.  Rather than working quickly, each piece is an exercise in patience as the process takes weeks of work to obtain completion, but still retaining a fresh impressionistic quality.